Thursday, May 7, 2009

Week 11: Goonies

Where has Google Docs been all my life? While I am slightly concerned that Google does seem to be controlling the world, this is one of the best things out there. Back in college the "easy" way to right a group paper was just to pass it around through email, then senior year one teacher showed us how to use Track Changes in Word. What a great thing that was, unfortunately, it seemed that the rest of the campus was unaware and therefore made my super knowledge useless.

Being able to share documents this way could solve the worlds problems. Alright maybe that's overstating it, but the freedom that Delicious and GoogleDocs provides is amazing and extremely useful. Passing this simple information on to patrons will help them become more mobile and productive. It has certainly helped me. While I will continue to use my somewhat excessive like 8 gigs of thumb drives, and will never be caught without my external hard drive, GoogleDocs will be an important tool for professional use in the future.

Week 7: Wiki's World

While I have heard of Wikipedia, I only really use it to find quick answers to somewhat irrelevant questions. So to say that I was skeptical of using wikis in work would be putting it mildly. But, my mother taught me how to play nicely in the sandbox with others, so I jumped into the wiki sandbox feet first.

I enjoyed playing around in the CHPLearning "sandbox" wiki. Even though I got stage fright and didn't make a post, I think that this was a wonderful teaching tool for this technology. Wikis really do have their place in the world, and for a work sharing platform could be extremely beneficial. I really loved the Library Success wiki. So long live wikis!