Friday, June 15, 2012

Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone

Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone
by Kat Rosenfield

Expected Publication Date: July 5, 2012

Young Adult, Ages 14+
(pg-13 for language, sexuality)

ARC  used for review.

Personal Ranking 4.5 out of 5

What happens when a stranger turns your world upside down?
On the night of her high school graduation Becca's boyfriend breaks her heart while only a mile away an unknown girl bleeds to death by the side of the road. Even though no one knows who she is, Amelia Anne's death casts a shadow of fear and sadness over the town. Tragedy has a way of uniting a small town in a way that those in cities and larger towns can only read about. Becca, with her whole life ahead of her, struggles under the weight of the night's tragic events and is suddenly unable to move forward. Her parents want to help her, but mistake the changes in her behavior as her reluctance to break up with her boyfriend, and Becca finds herself unable to tell them what her pain is really about. As the summer gets closer to the end and as rumors turn to accusations on the identity of Amelia Anne's killer, Becca wonders if she will ever be able to move on with her life?

This book has haunted me since the day I received it at the library, which is fitting since the story is haunting and beautifully tragic. I was completely hooked by the end of the first paragraph. Rosenfield weaves together the stories of two young women who have never met, but have their lives completely changed within minutes and miles of each other. Only 4 years apart in age, if their paths had crossed under more normal circumstances they probably would have become friends. Both were at a crossroads in their lives, knowing that they were ready to move on from home, boyfriends and past expectations to become the young women that they were meant to be. With Amelia Anne's life cut short, even though Becca doesn't know her, she can't shake the connection and almost needs the mystery solved so that she can be set free. 

I never saw the twists and turns coming and I can't wait to recommend this book to others. Amelia Anne and Becca will stay with me for a long time.

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