Friday, April 17, 2009

Week 8: Second Life? I'm still working on my first

In all honosty, this week was spent on catch up learning. Boy will I be glad next Friday when the semester is over!

However, for my Information Organization class this semester, I participated in a research study for my Professor and actually attended class meetings in Second Life instead of the traditional Blackboard. Florida State has created their own island in Second Life, and for class we just sit on the green and look at a big screen the displays the Powerpoint slides. In what spare time I have had to explore, I have taken the walking tour of the FSU campus and visited the ALA island. It is much easier to attend class in Second Life and listen to the Professor talk, instead of just reading a scrolling chatbox. I do wish that my Professor had done more with some of the technology. I might have even got more out of attending class using Elluminate then I did in Second Life.

There are advantages to using Second Life; however, one of the big downsides is that it is very time intensive to learn. I just need to spend some more time exploring and learning. Though I thought it was easy to operate. However, like all timely things with this Web 2.0 training, Second Life was featured in the coming strip Funky Winkerbean on April 12. (

As far as online gaming is concerned, I am more of a Popcap girl myself. ( But would rather spend my time doing the USAToday online crossword and other brain puzzles.

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