Friday, December 7, 2012

Cleopatra Ascending

Cleopatra Ascending
by Maureen Lipinski
Shadow's Edge Series, book 2

Publication Date: January 8, 2013

Teen, Ages 12+

ARC copy used for review.

Personal Ranking 3 out of 5

Rhea has grown up surrounded by magic. The third youngest of four sisters; who all just happen to be gifted. One is a witch, one a shaman, and the baby sister is a muse. Rhea is the only one without a gift. Unless you count just happening to be the reincarnated Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Even though she knows she is special and an important part of her family, she has always just felt a little bit like an outsider. Until her 16th birthday, when her past becomes a part of her future. Having at first what she thinks are dreams, her visions of Cleopatra's past start telling a different version of history, and then a secret society founded by Marc Anthony shows up on her doorstep to protect her. Rhea must travel with them to Egypt, learn the queen's history and magic and hopefully prevent the evil Octavians from accessing the magic that only she can protect.

I am a huge fan of mythology. All kinds, Roman, Greek and especially Egyptian. It is one of the many reason why Rick Riordan is quickly becoming one of my new favorite authors. So when I saw the cover of this ARC I knew I just had to read it. You really shouldn't judge a book by its cover; however, this cover and title grabbed me.
 It was a quick read, and sometimes I found myself wishing for a little more detail. Sometimes the plot and characters seemed a little underdeveloped. In fact, I was probably 100 pages in before I even realized that this may be part of a series. Since I was reading it while flying home from vacation I kept going, and didn't start to read the first book, Shadow's Edge, until about a week after that. One thing I did appreciate was that Cleopatra Ascending was told from Rhea's point of view and about her story as the reincarnated Cleopatra, since the first book was told by Leah who is a Creatuir Shaman, I didn't feel like I was really missing anything even though I read the second book first. Rhea sounded like just a spoiled brat. The nice thing was by having her tell her own story, she was able to develop just a little bit more. But, it is hard when you really are a reincarnated queen.

Shadow's Edge, wrapped up nicely but I enjoyed having Leah as the narrator. So even though I want more of Rhea's story, it would be nice to have Leah back. But, with the way that Cleopatra Ascending ends, I hope that she continues the story in a hopeful future third book. It just seemed like there was more to Rhea's future then was told. I also have to wonder, if the future books will also include the other two sisters as possible narrators. This is one powerful, if not quirky family, and you want to see what else will be thrown their way.

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