Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You put the lime in the coconut...

Today I got to attend a Young Adult Services committee meeting. I was incredibly excited for this opportunity since the committee wasn't originally going to meet in person during my internship. It was exciting to get to meet most of the other YA Librarians in the county and see how they all interact with each other and share their experiences. I was impressed with the amount of great ideas and positive conversation that happened. Sometimes the conversation bounced around from topic to topic, but always got brought back and finished. Topics included an evaluation of the TAB program and the possible need at some branches to have a smaller, Leadership Team for TAB. Fee nights at the county schools and promotion for them was another big topic, in addition to some other upcoming events.

It was so unlike the complaint/gripe fests that the Pocket Area meetings often turned into. Maybe that's the difference between sales people and librarians.... just sayin...

Tonight was also the Summer Reading kick off party at DU! The theme for summer reading is Make Waves, so we had a beach party:) We had a great turn out with about 12 kids, some of which were new to the group. We also had a good mix of HS and MS kids. Had lots of fun playing games and reading. First hour was spent kicking off the summer reading club literally with reading! Then we had a quick discussion of the books, magazines, or manga that we were reading. After that we got down to the fun of eating pizza and playing all sorts of beach related games. Pin the Coconut on the Tree, Pool Noodle Jousting, etc. The games were a lot of fun, and I definitely can't wait to Pool Noodle Joust in the future!

It also made my day to watch everyone sit back and read! Yay Summer Reading Club!

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