Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting ready, Desitination: Keyboard and Mouse!

Wow, today was a short 5 hour day which gave me a little more time on the reference desk before leaving to go to a different branch. I have been so fortunate to observe several different computer classes; however, none of which have been the one that I am scheduled to teach! So thankfully, the amazing KC found me a Keyboard and Mouse class at another branch that I could go and observe. So today I trekked out to Varina to observe K&M! Since VA is such a small branch, the Branch manager teaches all of the classes with help from one of her circulation staff as the runner. It worked out well to have both her and myself there to help, since I could take half the room and she could take the other half.

I knew going into it that they way that they taught it was different than anywhere else in the county. They have shortened the script so that it gives less dry background information, and allows more time for hands on practice. Which, when learning how to operate the mouse and keyboard is exactly what you need! Depending on how much creativity I am allowed to use, this will be a lot of fun. I feel prepared and ready to teach my class and complete the 2nd learning objective.

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