Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shifting Books, Shifting Minds

Today I had a nice steady 3 hours on desk, with mostly holds and book availability. Only had one or two cases of computer troubleshooting:)

I am so excited for the shifting of the Reference section to allow the DVDs more room:) I helped SS actually move some of the books from one shelf to the next, it felt good to move around even if the books are a tad cumbersome. But teamwork is always better then doing it by yourself.

Tonight I was lucky enough to meet up with LP for dinner at the Baker's Crust! It was crepe-tastic! But also a nice celebration since we are both graduating on the 7th:) She is excited to start her new job down in Norfolk, and I am so sad that she will be moving away. It has been a pleasure to share this academic journey with someone my own age, who is local.

Two weeks left, I just can't believe it!

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