Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Safety Wins Everytime Over Smelly Feet

Tonight was a great night at the TW TAB. We had 19 kids show up, many of whom it was their first time, including the father and boys I talked to after the last focus group.

It was a quick meeting, with time spent on the Leasebook ordering and creating quizzes/polls for the website. AM let me end the evening with the team building activity I had done last week with the Northside TAB. This time, I used a piece of astro turf that she had stowed away in her amazing craft closet. It was a little longer then 2 feet, but with more kids it worked out fine. At the end, we did get all 19 kids on the turf, and if they had listened to each other they would have all been able to balance on it without falling off. They were {this} close!

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