Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let's Mousercise!

Wow, so today I actually got to teach the computer class, yay for Keyboard and Mouse. It actually amazed me that I have been cool as a cucumber about this all summer, this was something I really wanted to do! Of course this morning I woke up 100% terrified. During the set up and pre-class period I received an amazing amount of support and positive vibes from all my coworkers. MB even made me remember the advice I used to give to my Yearbook Advisers when they would start to panic: "Remember, this isn't brain surgery. No one will die on the table and we will make it out of this alive." It is funny the small things that make you laugh and remind you to breath.

Overall, the class went well. I went through the agenda, used props, then followed the script. It was so much different then the class I actually observed, but that's OK. I was trying so hard NOT to just read from the Script that I know I missed a few things, but the timing actually ended up working out. I only had three people show up, but they were all wonderful women who were supportive and willing to learn! While I know I could have personally done better, I'm not sure the overall class could have turned out better than it did.

After class, I spent my last 2 hours on the Reference Desk. Of course, with the computers being down, it was mostly answering questions and placing books on hold.

So hard to believe that tomorrow is my last day...

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