Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Wow! What an experience. Today, I completed one fraction of a Learning Objective by running the Northside TAB (Teen Advisory Board) Meeting. We had 17 kids, which is more than normally come, so a lot of new faces. First we started with a little team building/ice breaker exercise. With so many kids, I didn't want to take up too much time, but I was actually prepared with several activities. I could have done two human knots, but instead decided to make them all work together with each other. The activity was called "Don't Step on My Toes" and involved all 17 kids standing together on one 2 x 2 foot square of cardboard paper. Its fun to watch them realize (sometimes with a few hints) that they can all fit with one foot on the postboard if they all hold each other up.

The rest of the agenda consisted of Announcements (upcoming volunteer sessions and thanks to all those that worked on the backdrop), Discussions ( January Event ideas, what is "Emo," upcoming work sessions), and then Work (Leaseplan ordering and some quick polls for the website). They let me run the meeting, but I asked them to each lead respective parts of the discussion. Could I have led it all? Yes. But, it didn't make sense since I will not be running, or even in attendance at the upcoming work sessions. Overall, it went really well. I really enjoy working with KH and LK. They are both amazing women and YA Librarians.

In other news though, I bought my Cap and Gown, my plane tickets, hotel and rental car today! It looks like I am not going to just graduate, but I am going to walk! Tallahasse here I come! This summer has been so amazing, with my internship and then all the honors and appointments I have received in the past month. I think my fortune cookie may just have been right... "You will soon gain something you have always wanted!" I just can't believe that this two year journey will be over in 22 days. Though, I will not be sitting still, that is for sure.

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